Unlimited power for IoT devices

Turn your case into power station, no more battery replacement

Sustainable power

Unlimited power for wireless IoT devices by converting ambient light into energy

Seamless integration

Due to the “invisible” property, our PV module can be integrated with product seamlessly. Logo and pictures can also be inserted into the module.

Go to 3D solar module

3D solar module

The great flexibility of our module can cover the curved surface to harvest the light from every direction.

Go to Durable & Reliable

Durable & Reliable

It is waterproof and UV resisted for 20 years. It will work as your most reliable power source.

Light Infinity

Invisible PV Energy for your products

Our module can fit with flexible and rigid body
Where there is light, there is energy

Our "invisible" solar module can be integrated with flexible/rigid surface to power electronic products. It is suitable for the IoT sensors, Wearables, Beacon, IP Cam, or any product exposed to sun.

Ripple solar watchband

Perfect match of solar power and wearables

Flexwave brings solar energy to our daily life through research and innovative design

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