August 29, 2016



Solar Power IoT solution

Honeycomb can provide sustainable power for wireless IoT devices such as Beacon, Sensor, GPS tracker. There is room for IC board with waterproof coverage. Customization for different shape, size, power, and color is welcomed for discussion. Please mail to us:

You can save huge maintenance cost on battery replacement. Light is the best energy provider, here listed our Honeycomb PV modules:


Honeycomb PV module:

* Size: 6 cm side length hexagon (94 cm2) with 2.6 cm thickness

* Weight: 240 g

* Can insert Logo/pictures

* 4.2V output with booster IC

* Rechargeable battery IC controller

* Provide ~2.5Wh in a sunny day

* 10 years lifetime


Electrical Data:








Various shapes:




* [Document] The Declaration of Conformity Wet-Leakage Current Test. [PDF]