January 12, 2018

Solar Brick

The best option for wall type solar

In order to increase the installation of solar energy, Building integrated PV, BIPV is growing very fast in recent years. Such as Tesla Roof Tile that mimic the appearance of traditional roof tile. However, the development of BIPV was focusing more on the “roof” instead of “wall”. Actually, there will be 40% to 80% light absorption area on the wall. This is a huge market but lack of effective solar solution due to the reflection effect caused by glass coverage of traditional solar panel when installed vertically. Light would be reflected by the glass surface resulting in significant decrease of the power. Moreover, lack of color choice is another issue that dark blue is the only option.

Flexwave has built the novel solar brick product by using of our unique light capturing material and module technology. Flexwave’s solar brick absorb wider angle range of incident light that allows us work vertically. Moreover, the mixture of nano-particle can change the color and enhanced the power simultaneously. By using solar brick, the heat from the wall caused by sunshine can be converted into electricity. Therefore, people can save up to 50% of electricity by the less use of air condition in the summer time.

Here is our first generation solar brick:

Here is the appearance:

Here is the spec: