Transparent PV

In contrast to traditional solar modules, solar cells can be installed vertically on the sides of Flexwave’s module. With suitable doping of dye molecules (transparent or any color) and special optical design, the light that shines on the surface is collected and guided to the side of module where the solar cells (of any kind) are installed and covered by silastic waveguiding materials. The bottom can be see-through, resulting in an “invisible” solar module. That’s how various potential applications can be developed to take advantage of this source of wireless, sustainable power.

Here are two examples of our high-transparency modules:


Wide working angle

Flexwave’s modules can collect a wider angle of incident light than traditional solar modules. Even at 60 degrees, Flexwave’s modules can still deliver 80% power, whereas traditional modules contribute less than 50% power. Our modules work without the need for expensive sun-tracking systems. And they even collect and convert diffused light sources into power.

* Module efficiency normalized to zero degree for better comparison.

Great flexibility

Our modules are flexible thanks to the soft silastic materials that we use. This allows for modules to take various shapes according to the needs of customers. Without the limitations of physical form, we take a step closer to bringing more solar energy to people’s daily life. And flexibility allows for products to be designed to look better and aesthetically pleasing.

Flexibility also means greater resilience. No matter how many times you bend the module, the solar cells on the sides of the module remain unaffected and protected. In fact, almost any kind of solar cell can be used in our module. Depending on indoor or outdoor installation, you can select any type of solar cell to go with our module, giving you cost and design advantages.

Colorful and powerful with tunable wavelength technology

The wavelength of incident light can be tuned to fit better absorption regions on the solar cells and provide higher power output, or to match whatever customers require.

This makes for all sorts of transparent and colorful solar modules possible.